Chess Club Penzioner

Chess club Penzioner was founded in 1996. The club was founded by chess lovers and enthusiasts, most of whom were pensioners, and therefore the club bears the name Penzioner (Pensioner). These were not only chess enthusiasts or pensioners, but were also very experienced and good chess players with Elo rating over 2000. The club currently competes in the Novi Sad league. The club takes care of the young players and has its own chess school named: „Nedeljko Rudić“. Nedeljko Rudić was a long-time member of the club, and after his death the club has decided to name chess school after him. There is a memorial tournament named Nedeljko Rudić, which takes place every year. The club owes a special thanks to the Rudić family for their donations which helped the work of the club in many occasions; these donations were aimed at preserving the memory of Nedeljko`s character and work.